Finding a life partner shouldn’t be this hard

Are you tired of the dating app fatigue? Is the impersonal marketplace mentality dampening your enthusiasm for meeting someone new? We hear you! That’s why we created ValleyMatch.
Have you heard people tell you it’s a “numbers game”? Well, we believe that type of attitude is one of the many things wrong with today’s dating culture. You’re a person, not a number, and a digital profile of you is not your best foot forward. Let us help put you in front of people who will take the time to get to know you rather than write you off after two seconds of viewing your photo.
Your first conversation with someone should be an engaged one, not filled with small-talk messages spread out across several days or even weeks. We will put you in front of someone so you both can get to know one another. We take the preferences you enter into our system to match you up with someone who is a mutual fit, meaning you match their preferences too!
We always ask both parties how the date went so that we can provide feedback should you want it. No need to spend time wondering why there will or will not be another date.

About the ValleyMatch Team

Meet Rebecca and Loc Nguyen, the founder couple of ValleyMatch. After coming from vastly different dating experiences, the two were lucky enough to meet one another through work. They settled down and started a family together. Rebecca had attacked dating like a job, using a combination of dating apps, meeting in person and traditional matchmaking, while Loc was never a fan of the dating apps and procrastinated on finding a partner.
Although their experiences are different, they both understand the pains of the dating journey and the loneliness and exhaustion that often accompanies it. Believing that there must be a better way, they made the brave choice to leave her full-time tech careers to launch ValleyMatch in Northern California. Rebecca became a Certified Matchmaker and leads the team as CEO while Loc brings his long career in software development to technologize the matching process.
At ValleyMatch, we are dedicated to revolutionizing modern dating culture. Our close-knit team, based in Northern California, harnesses technology to enhance the human touch in matchmaking, allowing us to maintain affordable prices while providing personalized services. Our core values are transparency, integrity, and acceptance. We firmly believe that every individual is worthy of a loving partner, recognizing the unique qualities that each person brings to the table rather than prematurely dismissing potential connections over minor imperfections. We encourage genuine exploration and connection-building with an open mind. ValleyMatch is here to redefine your dating experience, one match at a time.
Picture of Rebecca Nguyen, Matchmaker, CEO and founder of ValleyMatch in Sacramento